Monday, March 22, 2010

Sticktoitiveness - rewards

My friend Laurie Alice Eakes has an interesting perspective on how to stick-to-it when you have to stick to something you don't want to do.
Laurie Alice Eakes: Housework. It has to be done but I'd rather be writing than vacuuming. So, to keep myself at it, I remind myself that it has a reward beyond a clean house that will be dirty again in five minutes with all the dogs and cats and the dusty Texas winds.
That means it's reading time. I pop an audio book into my portable player and slip on the headphones. It can't be just any book; it has to be one I've been saving for days because I've been too busy to read, otherwise I don't want to get hung up on reading and not work. Or it's justifiable loud music time. I turn on the stereo as loud as I want - provided the windows are closed - and even sing along.
Then, after every task is complete, I get to stop for a break, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, check my e-mail, or even write down ideas that may have come to me while scrubbing the tub.
This used to be how I got myself to exercise until I got to the point that not exercising made me feel so physically bad the exercise was in itself a reward. Housework hasn't gotten to that point though, and I doubt it ever will.

I have never thought of rewarding myself, even with something small after an unpleasant job is done, I've only felt relief when it was over. I think I'll have to try that, maybe... chocolate!
You're invited to check out Laurie Alice Eakes and her latest book "The Glassblower" on her websie at
My thought/question of the day is an easy one. If you were going to reward yourself for finishing something you hated doing, what would your reward be?

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