Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sticktoitiveness - distractions, distractions...

When asked about sticktoitiveness, I found that I am very similar to my friend Martha Rogers, and she gave me some good ideas. When I asked what in her life reequires sticktoitiveness, here's what she said.
Martha Rogers:
I have a difficult time sticking to a number of different tasks and completing them because my mind is working overtime on so many things. I am so easily distracted. If I'm cleaning a room and find something that belongs in another one, I will take it that room and then find something there that I think needs to be done, so I start on it and forget the other. Hence, I have a lot incomplete jobs that need to be done.
After all these years I've finally learned to set a schedule, list what has to be done then do it in order and don't stop until that task is finished then do something fun. It has worked because I tend to find all sorts of excuses. If I stick to a task and finish it, I feel satisfied and that gives incentive to get the next job out of the way. Then when it's all over, I can have fun with what I want to do.
I've had to apply this same routine to my writing or I would spend all the time answering emails and/or playing games. Now I set a goal of a certain number of words then read the email.
That's me all over! Distractions. My husband tells me that I can get distracted on my way to the bathroom. I won't comment further on that one. But I will invite you to check out Martha Rogers and her website at
Of course you can guess my thought/question of the day. Are you like Martha and me and so many others who get easily distracted? What do you do about it, when that happens?


  1. All I can say is I am easily distracted, esp. online. I go to one site and that leads to another, and another until I've forgotten what I sat down to do. In "real life" I also get distracted, but I do know what has to be done on a daily basis and those things get done though perhaps not in the timing others might think they need to be done. :-)

  2. I'm pretty focused. I've been a list-maker for as long as I can remember. I even make lists for others, but that's another topic. LOL.