Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sticktoitiveness - a new "Outlook"

Sticktoitiveness - I think it's a learned skill, and many days I'm not so sure I've learned it well, I need a refresher.
My friend Sandie Bricker is someone else, like me, for whom this did not come naturally. Sandie, do you have sticktoitiveness, and how do you do it?
Sandie Bricker says: I've only developed it, with focused intent, over the last five years or so. Fo most of my life, I was distracted by metaphoric "shiny objects." But working a full-time day job, developing deadlines in my writing, and just a general desire to see more things completed rather than half-finished, I began praying for help in this area.

The first step toward turning over new leaf was becoming a list-maker. I make them weekly, detailing the projects I want to accomplish that week. If items have to be carried over the following week, then they move to the top of the list so that I make a concerted effort to follow through.

The second part of my plan was to master the Outlook calendar. I load my lists into my calendar each week, with little reminder pop-ups during the week, and beyond.

Now, many years later, I have a more organized approach to my life that helps me in my writing, as well as with the little details of life such as making appointments and follow-ups. The Big Picture has much more clarity, and I now follow through on a much higher percentage of things that used to slip through the cracks.

Thanks Sandie. I haven't ever used the Outlook calendar, but I did much the same thing in my PalmPilot, which works for me because it is in my purse with me, everywhere I go.
Sandie Bricker, aka Sandra D. Bricker, is an author like me, please check her out at

Here's my thought/question of the day for everyone else. Do you have a way of catching those things in life that often slip through the cracks? Do you have a way to stop that from happening?

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  1. Give up TV, give up movies, nights out, visits, shopping and everything else but writing. Grrr.
    Just can't get enough of it.