Monday, March 29, 2010

Sticktoitiveness - and prayer when there's nothing left

Sticktoitiveness. Sometimes we just don't have it when we need it.
My friend Lena Nelson Dooley has this to say.
Lena Nelson Dooley: This question has really applied to my life this last year. I had a book deadline for my first long novel.
While I was writing the novel, my husband became gravely ill with a long recovery time followed by three skin cancer surgeries.
I knew that I had to apply sticktoitiveness to the novel writing in the midst of all this.
How did I do it. God is the main answer. Without seeking His face every day, I would have never made it.
By that I mean, that I read the Bible and prayed in the morning. Then when I sat down at the computer, I prayed.
After reading over what I had written the day before, I prayed about what He would have me write that day.
In the midst of this, I prayed while I gave my husband three IV antibiotics a day, drove him to the doctor, and sat alone during the surgeries.
But He is faithful to help us do what we need to do--in His strength, not our own.

I can see that being a very difficult and trying time. Often people joke about prayer, but prayer works. Visit Lena Nelson Dooley and check out her new book on
And this brings me to my thought/question of the day. What do you do to stick to something, when you feel there's nothing left inside?

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  1. One thing is sure, prayer brings answers we never expected. I remember praying at a corner as a crossing guard whether or not I should keep writing, time I could have spent elsewhere for myself, my family, but when I got home, a call came from a contest judge (out of the proverbial blue) and she said to always remember, "perseverance" and I knew I had my answer. That was 14-15 years ago, and still I persevere!