Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring has sprung!

Well, maybe spring hasn't sprung quite yet, but what has sprung is the time change.
I hate this time change. I am not a morning person, and when morning comes one hour earlier than usual, that makes me a grumpy bear.
I have to admit that it was nice that it didn't get dark so fast tonight.
But that was only because I had a nice afternoon nap. I wonder how many other people had a nap this afternoon?
I really enjoyed the Sunday comics today. The Other Coast, which happens to be set in Vancouver where I live, showed the principle female character setting all the clocks and being very happy about it, but then the punch line was that some clocks can't be changed - and there behind her was her 2 dogs, waiting to be fed according to nature's clock, which doesn't do Daylight Savings Time.
Gotta love it.
Here it is, the comic, The Other Coast's perspective on the time change.