Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sticktoitiveness - Hurry Less Worry Less

I don't know if there is anything that requires more sticktoitiveness than getting a newspaper out on time each and every day. But that is what Judy Christie did before she was an author. So naturally I asked Judy how she stuck to it.
Judy Christie: For many years I was a newspaper editor and had to make sure the paper came out on time each day. That helped me learn how to stick to something and get it done! My joy in life is helping busy people slow down and enjoy each day more -- both in my fiction and nonfiction books. Hurrying less and worrying less takes a large amount of sticking to it -- or you find myself running around like a chicken with your head chopped off.
My debut novel, "Gone to Green," launched last year, and the second novel, "Goodness Gracious Green" will be out this summer. With all of the excitement and to-do's that accompany that adventure, I've had to go back and read my own "Hurry Less Worry Less" series. It's hard not to be drawn into frenzied living. I focus on my priorities, keeping the Big Picture in mind, taking the best next step, and realizing -- gasp! -- that I can't do everything. The great peace comes in knowing that God doesn't expect me to do everything!
And there are the words I have to live by. Judy said she can't do everything, and I certainly can't either. No one can. What a relief!
I invite you to go to Judy Christie's website at and check out her new book, "Gone To Green"
My thought/question of the day of course has to do with the very uplifting quote "I can't do everything." Knowing that, are there times when you still try? What can you do to remind yourself to slow down, so you don't have to do it all, and only do the things you need to do, and still do them well?

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  1. Yes, indeed. I learned this years ago. I used to have a house that was sparkling clean. It is not so any longer. LOL As I get older and have less energy and more health problems, I am satisfied with not perfect. Of course, my priorities are not always in line with other people's. But that's ok too as they can jump in and help if they're not happy with my time frame.