Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sticktoitiveness - and moxy

Sticktoitiveness. Some of us are better at it than others, and here is one star who has more of that quality than anyone I know.
Fellow author Michelle Sutton, tells us about you and sticktoitiveness.
Michelle Sutton: Sticktoitiveness is my middle name, or as one editor told me, I've got "moxy" which includes a lot of drive, which is true. How do I juggle so many balls? For one thing, I have goals I set for myself, like deadlines for book reviews or submitting my manuscript. I also leave a bit of cushion in case I get sick or something gets in the way unexpectedly. I refuse to look too far down the road or I'd start hyperventilating. Also, I married a man who loves to cook and I've got two teens who help around the house so I'm not doing everything. I don't waste time on stupid stuff like watching TV, and this is probably the biggest reason I can do so much. I also told myself no matter what, I will finish what I start, unless God tells me otherwise (or the book puts me to sleep). That's it. Not much of a secret but it works for me.
In other words, this includes not getting involved in things that either waste time, or are unproductive, or my favorite, delegate housework! Which of course means the support of family, and often friends, too.
Michelle Sutton has definitely got what it takes. I invite you to check out her books at
Which brings me to my thought/topic of the day. When you have a project that you simply must get done, and you're in it for the long term, do you have the courage, or moxy, to ask for the help you need with other tasks to get it done? And most important, are you able to put aside what doesn't need to be done in order to accomplish your goals?


  1. I would ask for help if there was something that absolutely needed to be done. Otherwise, I would just let it slide until I am done with the current emergency project. Like the dishcloths I needed to finish for the shower today. LOL

  2. Hey, it's posted. :) I'll let people know. I was just sitting down to post another book review and saw this. :)

  3. Yes, as my poor crit partners know.