Wednesday, March 3, 2010

sticktoitiveness - having a non-negotibale deadline

Sticktoitiveness - I like to think I'm getting better at it with so many ideas.

I asked my friend Bonnie Calhoun about it, because she is very good at Sticktoitiveness.
Bonnie, what do you have to stick to, and how do you do it?

Bonnie Calhoun: I have to stick to an organized schedule for both booking, creating and posting our CFBA twice weekly blog tours, and gathering columnist articles, giving them a first read-thru, acquiring rotating columnists, doing marketing, and creating the HTML layout for each of the 50 pages in the CFOM magazine.
I first must say that I have an incredible team consisting of a line editor, graphics guru, and QC person who do an amazing job but the rest I accomplish with dogged and unfailing organization. My schedule is not arbitrary and everything has a deadline.
I keep running "to-do" lists for out of the ordinary things that need to be done. And I always list them in their order of importance and work from most pressing down.
My wall calendar has large boxes and each day has specific tasks listed in it. Most months are identical repeats, but I don't get to go to bed until the day is checked off! LOL...granted most days I'm up till 3 AM...but the day is done when my head hits the pillow.

Wow... and I thought I was obsessive with my PalmPilot... You've given me some ideas, thank you very much!

Bonnie Calhoun is the successful editor of Christian Fiction Magazine, and I invite you to check it out at

Here is my question/thought of the day. Do you have a way to help you schedule what needs to be done by a certain day and/or time? How do you keep track of things that can't be missed, including birthdays and anniversaries?


  1. Facebook reminds me of birthdays of friends. Family birthdays I know by heart. I don't really do cards and such. A quick e-mail or post to let the person know I'm thinking of them. For appointments that are scheduled I write them on my calendar. IMHO there are few business appointments that can't be changed. People get sick, have accidents or otherwise have to miss things. Life goes on and things still get done. Even in doctor appointments, often it is the doctor's way of covering himself rather than a necessary follow up. Of course if I have a serious medical condition that needs to be looked at, I make every effort to keep that appointment. I always call if I see I can't make an appointment. I would never just not show up.

  2. LOL...thanks Gail...that sticktoitness has kept my mind to the grindstone all week! LOL...I can't come up for air until the schedule is "on schedule!" :-)