Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sticktoitiveness - interesting or... not

Sticktoitiveness. I approached my friend Christa Allan on this topic, and she said:
Christa Allan: What in my life requires sticktoitiveness? Assuming you're not referring to my kitchen floors on any given day, I think it's paying attention to my darling husband as he's discussing interest rates and compounding and amortization. Yeech.
Gail Sattler: Uh... kitchen floors is one thing, but I'm not sure I'd know how to stick to those "interesting" topics. What do you do so your eyes don't glaze over?
Christa Allan: ... I think of story ideas...

Now every time I read a book, I'm going to be wondering what was going on in the mind of that author when he or she thought of a plotline that has me hooked.
Speaking of plotlines, I invite everyone to check out Christa's book "Walking On Broken Glass" at her website - click here at

So now it's time for my thought/quesetion of the day. When you get caught up in a sitation that is beyond you, what runs through your head while you stick-to-it?

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  1. If you mean a conversation that goes over my head - this happens to me a lot. LOL I ask a lot of questions, which pretty much annoys the speaker. I am working on looking interested while I nod with pretend understanding. :-)