Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Taking a break - wrapping it up

This is it, the last post on taking a break, which wraps up my topic of the month for April.
There are many ways of taking a break, some mean going far away, some mean just going outside, and for some, we can just stay where we are and our imagination is the only thing that goes on a journey.
I'd like to say my favorite break is going on an ocean cruise, except I've never been on an ocean cruise. I'd like to, though. Except I get motion sickness really bad. Okay, never mind that kind of break. Maybe I'll just take a nap instead. Or maybe I'll hide in the basement and close the door and play my upright bass, and not do stuff I should be practicing for concert band, but just fool around and play what I want to. Which usually means The A&W Root Bear song. Root beer, anyone?

After everything is said and done, after all we've said this month, what's your favorite way to take a break?

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