Saturday, April 17, 2010

Taking a break - in the sunshine

We all need a break, and being outside is one thing many people agree on.
My friend Stephen Bly has more to say about going outside for a break.
Stephen Bly: When I need a break I go to the nearest golf course or driving range. There's nothing like a bit of Vit. D sunshine, clear air, and a full body swing to clear the mind and relieve any stress. Many of my writing and sermon ideas come while searching for a lost ball, cruising in the cart, or following behind a foursome that's slower than evolution, plodding like a glacier.
I can't say I'm a golfer, but I do understand the value in going outside and moving to clear the stress away. Although I tend to get my Vitamin D from a bottle.
Which brings me to my thought/question of the day. If you wanted to clear some stress outside, what would you do?
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  1. If I was forced to go outside, I would sit in a shaded area hopefully away from the bees and mosquitoes. My preference would be visit, but if I'm alone, I would read. I might also choose to ride my bicycle while listening to music, but my bike is unfortunately broken at the moment so that is not an option.