Monday, April 26, 2010

Taking a break - from the computer

Oh, this is an interesting comment I got from my friend Bob Kaku. The thing he needs a break from is his computer, and this is something I'm sure many of us bleary-eyed computer users can relate to.
Bob Kaku: Taking a break for me means taking my eyes away from the computer monitor. I’m an IT worker, which means I spent about 95% of my workday in front of a computer. It’s gotten worse. Face-to-face meetings, even with people on the same campus, have been replaced with virtual meetings where we’re staring at the monitor and talking into a speakerphone. While I enjoy writing, it also means my evening hours in front of the computer.
I don’t want to think about all the electron particles and radiated waves that are bombarding my eyes. Oh God help!
To take a break from this, I go get a cup of tea. But I don't do that frequently enough. I tell myself to take a break every hour or so. I've even set an alarm on my computer to flash a reminder. But that doesn't work that well, because sometimes I'm right in the middle of concentrating on something, and I just hit the Dismiss button. It's the same with writing. I don't want to lose my train of thought. Alas, it's a hopeless battle. :-)

I can relate to Bob on this one - and what I find myself doing is getting up and running to the washroom when I don't really need to. Or is that more than you wanted to know?
With that in mind, here is my thought/question of the day. Do you do what you can to save your eyes in this electronic age? If you decided to get your eyes unglued from the computer regularly, how would you do it?


  1. Heh I am like a little kid. I try to talk myself OUT of getting up and going to the washroom so I can finish what I'm doing on the computer. LOL Too busy playing with my toys. But I understand what Bob means. Sometimes it does get a bit much. It's also not good for circulation to be sitting all day. My dog helps me with that because he rings the bell constantly to go out. I am up and down all day long, with him, doing laundry, cooking meals etc. If I just want to get away from the computer, I can, as unlike Bob it is not my job to sit here. Even the things I have to do can be done in my own timing. I just make the decision to get away for a while and read or watch TV (which is essentially the same thing I guess, eyes glued to a screen), call or visit a friend or whatever. I rarely sit at the computer for a long stretch.

  2. I understand. Now I bake or make dinner to take a break. I am either on the computer or on my blackberry (which I love/hate, by the way) so I feel bombarded by technology. I love switching gears and making something to eat. It's just so far from technology!