Monday, April 12, 2010

Taking a break - in the middle of mayhem

As I previously said, my way to take a break is to read a book, but... some of us just can't be still for long enough to get into a book.
My friend Sarah Hamaker has a unique twist on reading a good book.
Sarah Hamaker:
Juggling four young kids, a household and part-time at-home work can leave little free time in my schedule. One of the things I miss the most is relaxing with a good book. Several years ago, I discovered audio books. Now, one of the ways I find little breaks in my day is to listen to audio books on a portable CD player while cleaning the kitchen, making dinner or performing other mundane household tasks. I've "read" many books this way and have enjoyed the stimulation from hearing books while my hands are busy with other things. It has certainly made household chores not so onerous. As a bonus, the earphones help me tune out some of the normal kid noise.

You know, I got tired just reading that. But for Sarah, not only does it work, but I love her comment that the earbuds help block out some of the noise that makes her need to take the break in the first place. Go Sarah!

Which brings me to my question/thought of the day. Sometimes, even a little quiet is a bit of a break as we still continue to do our normal things. What can you do to block out some of that noise and busyness, and still keep going?

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