Saturday, April 10, 2010

Taking a break - accepting limitations

One thing about taking a break is knowing when to take that break. That means, not taking the break too late to do any good.
I love what my friend Dave Longeuay has to say about that.
Dave Longeuay: My biggest challenge is not what to do when I need a break, it's how do I find the time in my busy day to take that break. Years ago I developed a practice of priorities. One of those goals was to learn my limitations and say no when asked to take on certain non essential commitments.
I was convicted by the Lord as He graciously pointed out in Genesis that even He took a rest after creating the world.
Now I have made breaks and rest one of those priorities on my daily list of important things to do. Because of that, I am more productive, less stressed an irritable. I'm still dead tired at bedtime, but my journey toward the end of the day is a better one.
After noticing great improvements in my marriage when we went out, a Friday night date night became my next big goal. At the time with two small children and very limited funds that was a challenge. Through prayer and determination we eventually had every Friday night to look forward to and now as the kids are not kids any longer, we take Saturday night out as well. What a tremendous blessing it is.

I think there is tremendous wisdom in Dave's words. Everyone needs a break, and knowing when to take one before something destructs isn't just a luxury, it's a necessity. After all, even God took a break because He knew He needed one.

My question/thought of the day is, when you know you need a break, what is something you can put aside in order to take that needed break? After all, sometimes taking a break is the biggest priority.

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  1. Forget the housework. I mean, why fix something that will simply be broken again the next day. Like dishes. We wash them, and voila, they're dirty again. So I say the best break is waiting until the health dept visits and THEN do housework. Why be bothered in the meantime?