Saturday, May 1, 2010

Wasting time - and time well wasted

My new topic of the month is about how we all tend to waste time, and as a bonus, how we can justify it. Yes, with enough effort, we can justify almost anything.
I know I waste a lot of time on the computer, I could do much more writing, but instead I find myself addicted to Spider Solitaire. Hands up, I know I'm not alone!

We all can say email wastes time, but really, it's communication with friends and the price is right. I can completely justify email! As well, all the email loops I'm in, they are for many purposes besides friendship - writing, music, and even help on my electronic gadgets. It's not wasting time to talk about music, unless of course I should be practicing for our next gig or concert. Oops, I'm going to change the subject.

Sometimes I waste time when I go grocery shopping. I have no idea why. We all know those days when we go for one item and come out with 20 things we didn't intend to buy and don't need... and then we don't have the one thing we went for in the first place. (Costco anyone?)

Wasting time, we all do it, and we can always justify it.

So for the next month, let's see what some of my friends have to say.
Feel free to comment or email me if you want to contribute. It's not wasting time. It's sharing.

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  1. Right now I am "wasting" time reading Gail's blog. LOL Facebook is probably my greatest time waster, but I don't play the games and all that. I just share things with others and read what others share. That is keeping up with friends. YouTube is also good for a few hours of passing time. Lots of educational videos there. Many new stitches and project tutorials to view. Hulu. Catching up with the TV shows that play alongside other shows I watch. I can only watch one show at a time. Priorities. LOL All that to say I think I am an expert in this area. :-)