Monday, May 17, 2010

Wasting time - walking slowly, and getting distracted

Sometimes we can completely loose track of time getting distracted. But somethings are better to get distracted with than others, and here is my friend Angie Breidenbach to tel us all about it.
Angie Breidenbach: My favorite way to waste time is with my grandson. It seems like every moment watching him grow up is poignant and beautiful. I get lost in those moments. Recently we went for a walk. With a toddler, that takes a while :-) We made it about 3 houses down and found newspaper mail boxes. Fascinated with cause and effect, he had to toss little pebbles into the open ends. (Sorry, neighbors) and then we toddled on to the puddle in the road. This was extremely fascinating. Pebbles caused water to splash. That caused Jude to giggle. Bees buzzed and landed for a sip. Jude watched it all. When a tiny purple moth flickered around him, he had to chase it from spot to spot. We wasted time in the most precious way possible by being fascinated with nature through the eyes of a child.

I often get distracted with things and lose track of what I was supposed to be doing as well. But then there are so many things that I would miss if I didn't stop and smell the roses. Or stop and toss the pebbles. Or whatevever.
Which brings me to my thought/question of the day. What small thing have you been distracted with that on the surface just seemed to waste time, but ended up being a breathtaking moment?
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  1. My dog is my favorite way to waste a little time. I almost never get tired of looking at her, watching her expressions and inspiring her to do something cute. She is an endless opportunity for cute. As a writer, I'm thinking it might be beneficial to get a really ugly dog with no personality and no corner on the cute market. I might get more done.

  2. When one of my kids comes over I stop whatever I'm doing, no matter what it is. They are adults, so they're not cutesy like Angie's grandson. However, I still enjoy being with them. My daughter has become a friend as well and we share crochet and a love of handmade items. Any time spent with her, or with my son, I count well spent.

  3. Sometimes I stare out my office window at the mountain a block away and the trees and the deer... I realize how awesome is the God that made them.