Friday, May 7, 2010

Wasting time - and make it well "documented"

Here is one way of wasting time, but it's not really totally wasted. Not really. It all depends on perspective. My friend Sheila Lipsey and I share this, for sure!
Sheila Lipsey: I find myself wasting valuable time by becoming engrossed with too many television documentaries. I watch one after another when I could use that time to write. However, I have made an excuse for the times I watch documentary by saying it is my 'relaxation period'. I believe that it is truly a means for me to relax and get away from the computer screen, and rest my brain from all of the stories that are circulating, but I also have discovered that I waste valuable time as well.
I would like to learn how to become more wise when it comes to how I spend my time. I do not want to overdo it when it comes to being on the computer because at times it is very addictive as well. I can write and write and write, visit this website and that website, and then still walk away feeling that I have not achieved what i truly desire to achieve when it comes to my passion of writing. I want to do all things decently and in order.

Myself, I love to watch How It's Made. Another thing that is, well, semi-educational, which explains many things, ahem, is Mythbusters. Oh, yeah.
My thought/question of the day - what documentary or documentary-ish shows do you watch, and how do you justify them?
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  1. I like to watch the commentaries and special features on movie videos. Does that count? heh