Wednesday, February 24, 2010

comfort zones - what do you do in your car?

The power of advertising can be quite powerful, even when it's subtle.
I'd mentioned earlier that I'd heard a commercial in the car on the radio that said your car is your only true comfort zone, it's the only time and place you are truly alone, in your own private little capsule.
Naturally the commerical was for... a brand of car that I can't remember, and I like my little red econcomy car very much, it's a keeper.
But the point of commercial has obviously stuck with me. My car is my comfort zone, where no one can hear me, and often no one sees me. Really, how often do we really look at the driver of other cars on the road? If a driver makes a mistake, or drives too aggressively or carelessly, do we look at the person? No, often we blame "that (insert color here) car". The car has become a personality of its own, and we don't think much of the driver, because from a distance, we don't know gender or age.
Which brings me back to thoughts of what I do in my car when I'm essentially alone.
I don't sing well. For someone who is a performing musician, many people are surprised that I sing so badly. It is true. In both the jazz band and the concert band, we all just play our instruments, no one sings. Especially not me. There is one band I'm that does have vocal talent. Let's just say they took my microphone away at church for a reason.
But in my car... I'm a star. In fact, sometimes I'm the whole band.
My thought/question of the day is - what do you do in your car when you're all alone and no one is watching. Do you feel comfortable enough to do what you wouldn't do if someone was listening or watching?
If you're not, then I think you should try it. Live dangerously in your own little comfort zone. You deserve it.

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  1. When I am alone in the car, I generally think or pray. My car doesn't have a CD player. Sometimes I remember to bring my mp3 player but I have to wear headphones and I don't like to do that in the car. If I ever get a new car, it will have a CD player as I love to sing along, regardless of my "talent" or lack thereof in that area. :-) I do sometimes sing without music, esp if I am worried about something. I favor The Lord's Prayer by Sister Janet Mead, a pop song from the seventies and various children's ditties. I don't know any of today's popular songs.