Monday, February 1, 2010

Comfort zones - opener

It's Feb 1st, and I'm going to slip into something new. I'm going to hold this topic for a month and invite anyone to participate. I also plan to update with a new post every Sunday or Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
The topic of the month is - Comfort Zones.
The reason I'm picking this topic is that this is the theme of my new book, The Narrow Path, that's coming out in May 2010.
In the book, Miranda has left her comfortable life in Seattle, and unwittingly walked into a community and lifestyle with which she is completely unfamilar.
All of us experience the experience of leaving our personal comfort zone to varying degrees. Sometimes it's as simple as walking into a store we've never been at before, we need one item, and because the store is unfamiliar, we can't find it. What do we do? Wander around? Leave and plan to go somplace else later, even though we don't have time? Ask for help?
Me, I usually get sidetracked, eventually ask for help, then I'm late to the destination I was really going.
Uh.... I might have even gotten a bit sidetracked when typing out this blog...
Computer Solitaire Spider should be labeled a dangerous sport, I say.
What sidetracks you? (and what's your highest score?)


  1. Gail,

    I can relate. I have to say that even though most of us do not like leaving our comfort zones, it is a great thing to do. There is growth, adventure, and it usually excercises the 'fear section' of our brains, which needs a lot of excercise.

  2. Email and kids! It used to be a good book, but I don't have as much time as I used for reading, so now I find myself over-checking my email when I should be writing an article. That's usually because the article isn't flowing easily or it's on a non-exciting topic. And then sometimes I get sidetracked because my children interrupt me for nonessential things ("She said she didn't like me!" "He threw a toy at me!" You get the picture).

    But mostly it's my own thoughts that derail me from the task I'm supposed to be focusing on. Often, I want to blame outside forces (email! Children!) for something internal that I'm allowing to sidetrack me.