Saturday, February 20, 2010

Comfort zones - invasion of privacy

Before I go further, I've changed my mind about posting Monday Wednesday and Fridays. A friend told me that most people simply don't check blogs on Friday, and I know most Fridays I don't go on the computer at all. So I've decided to post Saturdays instead of Fridays. So welcome to my first "official" Saturday promised post. Last weekend didn't count because I was sick and that's why I posted Saturday.
Still on the topic of comfort zones, which is where I like to be, I feel like expounding on a topic that has been on one of my email loops - and that is invasion of privacy online. And, what we can do to make it better, or worse.
My kids are not little, so I'm no longer concerned about them being stalked by sickos or kidnapped off the playground. But that is the reason that kids are taught, or should be taught, what they should and should not say to "friends" online. I say that with quotations because we all know, or should know, that not everyone is as they seem to be online. So we teach our children not to give out too much personal information that could idenify them, or show unsavory people ways to find them in real life.
But do we follow our own advice? I'm blogging, which makes it really easy to say things that a potential stalker could use to find me. Not that I'll ever be important enough or famous enough to be worth stalking. But that's not the point.
I don't say the names or ages of my children, first off, I'm evasive with locations and I would never say when I'm planning to travel and be away from home, even though with the shifts of my family, and my husband working from home, there is never a time when there is no one home, including our dogs, one of which is Miniature Schnauzer so an intruder surely would be deaf from the barking by the time they left. But my other dog is over 50 lbs and very territorrial, and he does bite, and he bites hard while the other dog barks, and we also have a contracted burglar alarm.
So my question/thought of the day is - for all the stuff you do online, do you think before you speak/write/type/blog that when you post online it's there for everyone to see, including people you may not want?
Of course, please don't let that last question stop you from posting a comment. Just don't tell me your full name, age, birthday, and address when you do. :)


  1. Older than dirt, more children than the Old Woman in the Shoe, or maybe not, I forget, am from all over the world. As to the question do I think before I speak? Oh, my kids have stories they could tell you. I've never been one to think first and that has been my problem since birth. I spend more time saying sorry and forget I said that than anyone I know.

  2. I do think before I speak, but I'm pretty open about my life. I talk about things like vacations and leaving to go here or there after the fact, so that's not been a problem. I have a tendency to say son and daughter and husband rather than names, but occasionally I will say names. I don't talk about them much as they don't care to read about themselves online. I leave it to them to say what they want about their own activities.